Electrical engineering knowledge: LED street lamp lamp function is what

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1, transparent shade imported polycarbonate injection molding, high strength, good light transmission.
2, high-power LED lights long life, is the traditional lamp 5 to 10 times. LED light source using the current technology is the most mature white 1W package, the surface paste welding in the 2mm thick aluminum-based circuit board, then the aluminum plate installed in the radiator plane, to ensure rapid heat conduction to the radiator. Another radiator and lamp shell integrated design, fully protect the LED cooling requirements and service life.
3, modular design, can be any combination of different power and brightness requirements of the product, each module is a separate light source and interchangeable, local failure will not affect the normal work of the lamp, easy disassembly and maintenance, saving maintenance cost.
4, the appearance of thin, can effectively reduce the wind resistance, reduce the load of light pole, enhance the safety factor.
5, intelligent control, constant current drive, power can be achieved according to the need for intelligent adjustment. With the single-chip and the traditional combination of power converters, high-power LED light source can achieve intelligent control: light control + time control + power automatic adjustment.
6, bad glare and light pollution: LED light source angle can be designed according to need, you can greatly reduce the glare and light pollution, but also greatly improve the effective utilization of light.
7, the working voltage is low, the advantages are: ① not like ordinary lights as a result of high pressure adsorption dust caused by shade black, ② safe and reliable.
8, the working temperature is low, LED light source is cold light source, good heat dissipation, its working temperature is lower than 60oC, will not cause the lamp hood aging yellow.
9, start without delay. Power up to the normal brightness, no need to wait, eliminating the traditional long time to start a long street and repeatedly start the problem.
10, no flash frequency. Pure DC work, eliminating the traditional street light strobe caused by visual fatigue.
11, impact resistance, strong earthquake resistance, no filament and glass shell, no traditional light fragmentation problem.